Charred laptop at Yahoo!


Charred laptop at Yahoo!
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So there we were, finishing up a meeting on the 3rd floor when this faint burning smell started seeping into our conference room. Soon after, the fire alarm went off. As we herded down the stairs thoughts of The Office: The Fire episode flashed through my mind. Ryan started the fire!

We would later found out, as we actually jokingly assumed, that a Dell laptop had caught fire. It occured on the 8th floor. Rumors were that everyone was safe. As a proud owner of many Dell computers and hardware, I am happy to say nothing has caught fire. My Dell laptop is old enough (3 years) that it, according to Dell, is not eligible for a battery replacement.



Keith Peters

I’m typing this into the Dell laptop sitting on my lap. Brave? Stupid? Nothing to lose? You decide. But our IT dept checked out all our batteries and supposedly mine is not the WOMD model.

Charles Freedman » Faith in Dell restored

[…] It was a nice sunny day and I was enjoying a rather calm morning meeting. And then that burning smell came into the conference room. As I wrote about months ago, turns out a Dell laptop caught fire 5 floors north of ours and we had to evacuate. I was a loyal Dell customer from 1999, when I leased my first few business workstations all the way through 2005 when I bought a refurbished desktop [named BigPapi]. Somewhere in the middle, I enjoyed other refurbished (outlet) prices on a 2x 19 inch LCD’s and a laptop. That laptop, a 600m [named Tek], turned 3 last November. That’s like 60 in computer years. I wrote my entire book on it last year and used? Tek when I consulted for eBay in 2005. It started slowing on me as it approached the tender age, but with an upgrade to 1GB, it runs Flex 2 like a champ. Something happened with my upgrade to 1GB. The CDRW/DVD drive just stopped working. I used ‘all my powers and all my skills’ to try and restore it, but alas? it seems by IT support abilities had faded with the laptop’s performance. […]

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