The Red Camera (Oakley) and The End of Film

Most of you know I am a huge Oakley buff, flashing my watch, sunglasses, prescription (Rx) glasses, shoes, shirts, golf glove and shoes, laptop bag, etc.¬†nearly everyday. My passion for the company comes mostly from their design and style, closely followed by the comfort and innovation of their products. Their brand trademark “Driven to Ignite the Imagination through the Fusion of Art and Science” is a creed I personally strive for with almost everything I do. In fact, I apply this spirit to my approach with Flash Platform development, both desktop and now mobile.

¬†This enthusiasm for the brand’s unique and successful design, combined with my another passion of mine, Film and Digital Photography/Video has me going nuts over a recent discovery. Jim Jannard, founder of Oakley, has founded Red Digital Camera Company and produced a digital camera which claims resolution exceeding that of 35mm film.

With an astounding resolution of 4520 x 2540, the camera is equally amazingly priced at $17,500 which is very aggressive for a high definition camera, period. The simplicity of its design and function is true to form of Oakley’s products and I now dream of the day where I may shoot with one of these babies.

Special thanks to up and coming filmmaker Sergio Pinheiro (my roommate and friend from BU Film school) for bringing this very cool camera to my attention.