O’Reilly Radar blog text-to-speech with Flash Player

O’Reilly Radar’s new “Listen” button activates an incredibly impressive text-to-speech feature that reads the content of the blog post to you. The player is built with Flash and the quality of the synthetic voice is really, really good. It’s powered by a company called ReadSpeaker and their SayIt technology.

I am quite surprised that this feature has not surfaced on many blogs already. With the popularity of podcasts, it would seem to me that many folks now have the choice and convenience to listen to a blog post while working or exploring something else online. Something I recently discovered (although I’m sure not new at all) is that Flash content (audio and video) will continue to play in one Firefox tab while I browse content in another one.

I’d be interested to know more about the conversion process and what technology is being used to serve/stream the audio file across the Flash player. 

Congrats to O’Reilly Radar for implementing this exciting feature. I hope this becomes more easily available to the rest of us soon.

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