Want Flash on the iPhone? Write your Apple representative.

Bill Perry has a fantastic post offering complete coverage of the absence of Flash Player on the iPhone, in almost every possible scenario.


Towards the end of his post, Bill suggests we all contact Apple and let them know we want Flash on the iPhone:

“So what can you do as a web, Flash and/or Flex developer? We suggest that developers speak to Apple directly about what technologies the iPhone will support and integrate. It’s important to note that our relationship with Apple continues to be strong. Naturally we believe that support for Flash is essential for any mobile device that wants to deliver a great experience for customers. If you think it’s important for the iPhone to support the rendering of Flash content then let Apple know.”

I’d also urge you to petition Apple to do something about the health care system and state of education in this country. Together, with Apple’s help, we can make a difference.

But for now, the lack of expected bitterness or frustration in Bill’s post shows real professionalism, even though he demonstrates the absence of Flash at every turn, and it gives me hope that we may just be an update or two away from seeing Flash on the iPhone. I certainly can wait.



Tom Chiverton

Look, it’s very, very simple:
The iPhone is essentially a closed platform, Apple have said this from the very start. That means no Flash (even if Adobe did/could port the main or Lite plugins to ARM) or Java.

If you want a mobile phone with computer like features, don’t buy an iPhone, get a proper smart phone such as the P1/P9xx from SonyEricson instead. As a bonus, you’ll also get a decent camera and 3G as well as open 3rd party access via. Flash, Java or native C.

Brett Walker

The fact that Adobe hasn’t publically made any comments to the effect of “We would love to have Flash on the iPhone” leads me to either believe that they are working with Apple behind the scenes on an ARM processor version of the Flash Player, or that their PR dept. got caught napping. I’m hoping the former is the reality.

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