Buzzword and SlideRocket need a spreadsheet friend

Adobe’s Buzzword and Mitch Grasso’s SlideRocket represent not just the very best in Flex and Flash Platform development, but also the promise of just how good — rather, better — online office tools can be. There is a third part here that is missing. Where is a similar caliber solution for spreadsheets? I want one.

I would think that with the advanced data grid and Flex 3, an online spreadsheet RIA could be the most efficient and feature-rich app of them all. Is anyone in the process of coding one? Has Adobe already commissioned someone (internal or external) to build one to accompany Buzzword? Are there any good ones out there already that I don’t know of?

We are beginning to use Buzzword at work on a very reliable basis. I am really happy about this, since I was never a big fan of Writely (now Google docs) where I always experienced usability and formatting issues. The comments feature in Buzzword has taken our office collaboration to another level.

What I am really hoping for in the near future from both Buzzword and SlideRocket are offline versions. So often I am working on a document and need to ‘un-dock’ to go do a presentation. I would feel much better about having an offline client, where I knew my work — as it was created — was being actively saved locally. Oh, and did I mention I would have no problem paying for an offline version?

The power of these two applications (word processing and presentations), combined with a tailor-made-for-Flex spreadsheet program, would make Flex/Flash appear as the platform of choice for creating the ultimate practical business applications. I think we’ll get there soon.