A giant Apple in Boston

Apple Store in Boston

Apple is building their largest store – evah – in the heart of Boston. Gizmodo reports the new flagship is a giant glass cube, prepared to greet 1,500 to 2,000 fanatics (I mean customers) an hour.

Despite not owning anything Apple (I guess that means my kids will qualify for minority scholarships), I am in awe of the success and style of their retail stores. I’ve visited every Apple store I’ve encountered, most notably San Fran, NYC, Chicago, University Ave (in Palo Alto) and of course, the Cambridge one (currently closest to downtown Boston). I have actually purchased one item at an Apple store — a very cool Oakley laptop bag!

If any of you Bay Area-based Apple nuts are now planning a trip (or even a move to Boston) to bask in the shadow of this 4 story cube, I’ll be happy to familiarize you with the area.

A very clever thing to note — the ‘coming soon’ banner resembles the green monster scoreboard. Love it!

See Gizmodo for more photos and the full story.