The Involuntary Flash Developer

If you’re a Flash nut, it’s hard not to get excited to see what Sprout continues to do. Their latest and greatest ploy for world web widget domination is a clever little contest with Universal Studios. They have a contest running now (and through June 30) that will award the best “Hellboy 2” widget designed with SproutBuilder.

The prize consists of two rewards. 1) $500 cash prize and 2) the widget will be featured on the official Hellboy 2 site. The latter is just too cool. Those that know a bit about web traffic know that movie sites are some of the top attracting sites out there. This contest could take the most unknown or beginner level Flash designer/developer and turn them into one of the most visible, overnight.

The best part about it is, because of Sprout’s abstraction of Flash, the winner of this contest will likely never have used Flash CS3 in the past.

At Yahoo!, I tried very hard to get maps and movies to mate. It wasn’t easy. I commend Sprout for forming this, and I’m sure many other, key relationships with the movie industry. Super cool.

More on the contest: