Universal Mind blogging loud and clear

Recently I blogged about Esria’s efforts to engage the community by aiming the talents of Josh Tynjala towards open source components and tools. I am becoming very impressed with the way Universal Mind has mobilized its talented (and very well-known) force to promote the company’s efforts and projects through the individual blogging of the entire team.

If you follow UM all-star developers like Doug McCune, Adam Flater and Joe Johnston, you may have noticed how loudly and proudly they report on the collective efforts of their company. UM does a great job aggregating all their developers blogs here, and I think it shows them very well as a company that embraces their developers’ ideas and efforts.

I’d like to see more agencies in the space promote the voice of their teams. It creates a window into what projects they are working on and what it’s like to be part of the company and team.