Too many channels in The Static Age

Saw Green Day in concert recently. My first time seeing them. It was obvious that the average screaming, raving, mosh-pitting fan there was probably 10 years younger than me. And it’s obvious that Facebook and Myspace may not be as much of a ‘friend’ to the next generation as we all thought. In fact, I think they are starting to hate you.

Have you seen that Verizon commercial where the tween-age kids are annoyed with their parents excessive use of Facebook and Twitter? I actually thought this was more Verizon trying to advertise text-ing over social media. But I think this commercial is a bit more reflective of younger people’s sentiment towards sharing their life away online.

Green Day’s song “The Static Age”, off their recent album “21st Century Breakdown” speaks volumes about how convoluted and saturated our media experience has become. “Static” does not mean the opposite of dynamic, but rather static noise. Think snow on your TV. There are too many channels. Too many forms of controlled AND un-controlled media to tune into. Whether you think Green Day has the ability to profess such a message, or not, you’ve got to recognize how LOUD things have gotten with TV and the web competing for our limited attention.

Back to my point about the next generation getting weary of social media… At the beginning of their performance of “The Static Age” at the concert I was at, Green Day lead singer Billy Jo yelled a few things which result in massive applause.

“This is our moment. This is our time. We’re all here. Put your f**king cell phones away. This is the time to be together, person to person. No f**king Myspace. No f**king Facebook.”

And the crowd went wild. Mind you, this was in San Jose, in Silicon Valley, possibly the most web and tech savvy place on earth. It appears the sentiment of the next generation is clear. Good luck with that.

Oh, and you have ever liked Green Day, listen to their new stuff. It’s amazingly well produced.