Vote for our SXSW Interactive sessions


Ribbit has been nominated for a handful of cool sessions for SXSW Interactive next year. This past year, we killed it with our session and went on to win the fabled Accelerator award. In 2010, we’re hoping to present one, several, or all of the following sessions. Help us by voting!

Instream Interaction: Dynamic Server Events Display and Response

RIAs across various platforms have the distinct ability to handle new data and events, and to respond to server-side commands with or without user interaction. Many applications don’t just issue server commands, they passively listen (and often react) to server and backend events. Harnessing this real time, dynamic ability can make an application more informative, valuable, and engaging—while supporting passive user involvement.

Parsing Conversation: Vocal Interaction as a Visual Medium

Can the inherently intangible, emotional power of voice be made tangible? Join us in exploring the visual patterns and components that comprise one of the oldest forms of human interaction—voice.

New School User Experience Patterns

We all use at least two or three different devices and/or online mediums (cell phones, personal computers, IM, etc.) to communicate daily. How do we create a unified experience across these different devices, so that the ways in which we communicate become more transparent, more natural, and less distracting?