Flash apps for the kitchen on litl

On behalf of litl, I would like to welcome Flash Player to the kitchen. Here, the world’s most ubiquitous interactive media platform, Flash, will deliver fun and informational widgets, applications and experiences to guide all of us to cooking and enjoying a slightly more technically-infused experience. There is a really cool collaboration at play here: The versatility of the litl device, specifically its ability to display interactive content with minimal control, combined with an SDK extending that device’s controls against the open and vibrant canvas of Flash Player.

New in the litl app catalog this week is our Bakespace channel. Tapping into Bakespace.com‘s prolific collection of community-submitted recipes, users can view featured recipes as well as login and view dishes to cook from their own recipe box. Recipes can be added from both litl’s laptop and easel mode. However, it’s in easel mode where the chef can set litl on the kitchen counter and scroll through ingredients and instructions.

We are working on the SDK that will allow existing and new Flash developers, designers and artists to build similar experiences and ultimately deploy/sell them to litl users via our app catalog. The device currently runs both Flash Player 10 (in browser) and Flash Lite (as our standalone channel engine). The SDK is being written for an optimized Flash Player 10.1 version only. More news on our SDK and channel ecosystem will be released in the coming months.