Flash Player 10.1 coming to litl with new SDK

Today, we are launching developer.litl.com and making some major and exciting Flash announcements:

1. litl will have 10.1 Flash Player

We will soon be shipping and instantly updating existing litls with Flash Player 10.1. This will add the latest hardware-accelerated Flash Player from Adobe to our device, supporting an enhanced viewing of HD video and other Flash content. The 10.1 player will be added to our browser allowing the continued and seamless web experience litl users already enjoy.

Additionally, 10.1 will become the foundation for our public SDK.

2. litl will have an SDK

Flash developers can take existing content or build new content specifically for litl users: families and those looking for a more simple computing experience with our litl webbook and custom litl OS. We call them channels, and this is the form of application our users can download from our dynamic channel catalog. Eventually becoming a store, this channel catalog will bring a much needed and very true ecosystem to the Flash developer community.

While developers’ existing content is fully supported in our browser, adding our SDK to Flash applications will allow developers to create channels and hook into the special controls and ‘views’ the litl webbook features. In addition to a laptop mode, the litl flips over itself into ‘easel’ mode, where a unique experience is controlled with a scrollwheel and button found on the device hinge. These controls are replicated with our remote. Essentially, building Flash apps, with Flash or Flex, will let developers ‘target’ our device and offer there content ultimately, for free or fee, through our store to our litl device owners and users.

The SDK will ship with a Simulator so that those without a litl in hand can develop and test their apps. Also included with the SDK are asdocs, guides, tutorials, a custom UI control set (for both Flash and Flex),and sample channels to help developers kick start their channel project.

3. litl will be launching our SDK at Flash And The City, as a major sponsor of the event

While we may make our SDK available for private beta, the public release will be at Flash And The City on May 14 (the event runs May 13-16 in New York City). We will be on hand to demo the device and SDK, as well as showcase some initial channels built with the SDK and running on 10.1. Again, with our Simulator, developers don’t need a litl to get started, so all will have a chance to get in early on the opportunity to get their content out to litl users. Those in attendance at Flash And The City will get a first hand look and we are working on ways to give away our device to a select few!