HTC Incredible Android in hand

I am very excited to finally be an Android user. This is my first non-Windows Mobile phone since 2005. That’s right, between the Samsung i730, MotoQ and Samsung Omnia, I’ve been relying on Windows as my mobile OS for 6 years.

The lack of available apps has left me frustrated and the performance, touch and app start up is sluggish and pales in comparison to newer phones. My wife got the Moto Droid back in December and loves it. I’ve never had any desire to switch away from Verizon or, if you can believe it, get an iPhone. Android seems like a great operating system, and this new device, with 8mp camera and out-of-the-box tethering ability (there is a literally a card in the box reminding you of this feature) seems to fit my needs so well right now.

I’ll try and post a detailed review once I actually use this phone. If you’ve been using Android, any suggestions on which apps I should install?

And of course, I can’t wait for Flash Player 10.1 and AIR betas to enjoy on this puppy!



Scott Janousek

Nice. The user experience keeps getting refined on Android but it’s also probably what will make or break the platform in next few years (i.e. the fragmentation issue).

Hardware is great, but Nokia’s been doing 8 MP camera for a long time, and Apple comes along with a 3.2 MP and everyone claps and whistles. Sigh.

I’m still optimistic that Adobe has a lot better chance of attracting developers to this latest runtime. We’ll see. A lot of the original mobile team was obliterated last year … but I hope Adobe’s still retained the learning lessons from the previous era of Flash on Mobile.

Looking forward to hearing from Adobe on ecosystems plans for standalone content via AIR across different device platforms, but it’s really up to the partners on how and when they roll all that out. Adobe’s concentrating on runtime, and

Scott Janousek

oh, and it was Sony Ericsson with the camera tech, not necessarily Nokia. Although Nokia cameras on devices have always been pretty good.

Michael Kaufman

So, did that come with 2.1 and the update for 2.2 w/ Flash Player 10.1 will be an over the air update? Looking forward to hearing how you like it after some use.



Google Maps Navigation is Android’s killer app. Also Google Places and Sky Map are cool. If you use gMail, and gCalender your life just got a lot easier.


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