Send questions for FATC session panel: Devices with Flash

TODAY, Saturday, May 15 at Flash And The City:

At 3:00 EST I’ll be moderating a panel with Elad Elrom, Lee Brimelow, Scott Janousek and Thomas Joos.
The topic is Devices with Flash and we will be discussing the future of Flash across devices.
It is an interactive panel and I invite you to submit questions that I will field to the amazing panel.
You can submit questions 2 ways:

1. Post a comment to this blog.
2. Tweet your question with the hashtag: #FATCm

I look forward to seeing your questions and, if compelling, fielding them to our panel.



Nick Kwiatkowski

When will Adobe have some more concrete information about Flash/AIR for the Blackberry. It seems that they keep talking about their partnership with RIM, but nothing concrete has been published about it (remember, RIM still is the largest Smartphone producer, greatly overshadowing Android and the iFruits).

Scott Janousek

They’ve been very quiet lately. One would hope Adobe announces something before Adobe MAX, as that’s the best time to get wins out in public eye.

To me, RIM would be a much more attractive money maker than Android in terms of monetizing content, but that’s only now … people pay for apps on Blackberry.

However, I’m hopefully the Android marketplace will become a much more refined user experience and there will be more actual paying customers in the future as the app quality improves, and they make refinements to compete against Apple.


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