Flash on TV, 3D, Accelerometer via the Litl set top box

During a recent Seattle Flex user group I had the honor of presenting at, Adobe’s Marty Mickelson (TheFlexGuy) took some awesome photos of me demonstrating some of the amazing technology Litl is unveiling in the coming weeks!

In this photo, I am showing the new Touch and Accelerometer remote (that’s my hand holding the real thing at the Litl offices in Boston). This remote will ship with the set top box, and our SDK has been updated to receive touch and accelerometer events from it. You can see it in its open form, with the full keyboard and special Litl buttons available. The actual set top box device has a powerful chipset (not mobile) to support everything Flash can do, including 3D:


This is me playing a multiplayer, 3D game prototype (based on Away3D’s Mario example) with the prestigious Nate Beck. We are both controlling Litl channel content with our own Android devices through the Litl AIR-based Simulator. You will be able to build Acceleroemter based Flash games for the TV with our SDK and Simulator. The Android control feature will let you build and test games without the device:


You can get early access to this technology by signing up here:


Be sure to visit us at the FITC Unconference at MAX where Litl is sponsoring free beer.
See me or anyone from the Litl team for a full demo of the new technology and device.
The new SDK will be available for public download at MAX.
We are working on contests, incentives and more exciting details for MAX.
Can’t wait to see you in LA later this month with some awesome technology!