No.2 Model F

To date (June 2012 thru November 2012), all of my 120 rollfilm exposures have been shot with this restored Kodak Brownie No.2 Model F. This model was produced August, 1925. I purchased it at Oldie’s Antique Market in Newburyport, MA. The No.2 Brownie was one of the first to support 120 film, a film format this is still made and processed today. The Model F was made especially durable, using an aluminum frame and textured coating that replaced generations of cardboard and leather wrapped devices found in No.2 models thru E. The Model F proved so durable, I’ve yet to collect one that isn’t in full working order.

It features dual “finders”, meaning the user can take portrait or landscape photos simply by change the camera’s orientation — just like mobile phone cameras of today. It also features a pull tab to control 3 different exposures, and another tab to control timed exposures for lower light conditions.

Aside from managing the antique equipment, there is a serious discipline involved when limiting yourself to 8 exposures at a time. I find I’m not shooting multiple shots of the same scene, rather taking my time and carefully selecting the right shot to take. It’s also hard to have to wait sometimes weeks at a time before I see my exposures. Ultimately, it’s been a rewarding experience going against the grain of otherwise “instant” digital and mobile solutions that have become so popular today.

Selling for as little as $1, the Kodak Brownie was the first device to make personal photography popular. I’ve collected nearly 20 pieces of Kodak Brownie equipment and look forward to sharing those items and the photos I’ve taken over time.

Taken November, 2012 in Georgetown, MA.
Shot with a Canon 60D.
Shot using an EF-S 60mm Macro.
Optimized in Lightroom.


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I have my dad’s camera & they used it into the 40’s that I remember – Model F. I had once planned to get “film” & shoot photos of family, yet not sure how possible or costly that is – to get film & processing.


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