Grove 3-ais Gyro

Getting into Arduino and Grove sensors

In this post, my second covering some exploration with my 7-yr-old son into #IoT and #maker projects, I’ll explore why we’ve moved on from the IOIO-OTG and into Arduino. If you’re new to all of this, have some coding ability, and crave the experience of working with dozens of cool sensors, then Grove is the […]

Getting into the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit for IOIO

Getting into the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit for IOIO

In this post, my first on a father & son journey into IoT, I’ll explore why I chose the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit for IOIO, my impression after setup and notes on building the first 2 circuit projects. This approach seemed perfect not only to me, an IoT first-timer, but also looked ideal to support an […]


Advancing platform success and my new role at Mashery

Platforms have an ability to reveal new value and opportunity. I spent several years creating platforms, making data and services available to various communities of developers. I once likened opening up a new API to unlocking a treasure box of functionality for a developer. As part of Mashery’s Strategy services group, for the past year, […]


APIs are an invisible wire

It’s been said that the best user experience is one that goes unnoticed. In other words, the more seamless design is to the consumer, the better it is. In almost all cases, the same can be said for the elegant integration of APIs. Typically an application or device user has no idea their experience includes […]


Be open to learn in 2013, a work approach inspired by my 5-year-old

A conversation last night with my 5-year-old at bedtime was a revelation. This one happened on New Year’s Eve and should likely set the tone for how I approach my year professionally. Me: I hope you’ve had a great vacation. One more day until you go back to school. 5yo: And one more day until […]

Adapting the Sony NEX

Adapting the Sony NEX

I’ve been an avid Canon DSLR user for 8 years. After lugging around my 60D and a selection of 3 EF lenses (Fisheye, Zoom and tilt-shift) through Europe last year, I decided to invest in a lighter, high quality camera for my wife and I to use for more everyday use like park visits, birthday […]


I Spy an Ecosystem

With the upcoming election, I’m hearing “platform” mentioned a lot when describing candidates and their political parties. Of course, that’s more about soapbox – the stage candidates and their supporters speak from – than sandbox – the space where developers code from. The irony is that politicians, historically referred to as public servants, were intended […]


Emerging platforms from the overcast: The value of Strategy at Mashery

Somewhere there could be a group of people sitting in a room coming up with a new definition for “platform”. It appears to be overused. Any online content or service provider, device, website or application — open or closed — that offers its data, functionality or even its users to itself or external partners and […]


Building on my love of platforms as I join Mashery

There’s something I’ve always loved about working with platforms; It’s a special thing being able to add value and unlock so much potential for a company and a possible infinite number of apps — at the same time. While I’ve had to explain ‘what I do’ dozens of times to so many people, family and […]


Breakfast Parameters

It’s an amazing thing to watch your child learn — especially as they start figuring out how to spell and write. I captured this photo on a recent weekend morning, when it was just me and my 5 year old in the kitchen cooking up some pancakes. As I was mixing up the eggs, water […]