Litl to Launch Flash-Based Web-Connected TV Product

I am more than thrilled to relay the announcement, made public today, that we are working on another device for the litl OS. Per the press release, I can say that we will have a Flash-Based “Web-Connected TV” device on the market, running litl OS as well as ALL channels built with our new SDK.

As I am finalizing my FlashAndTheCity keynote presentation now, I am working with some exciting photos and images of the new device. This means that the SOLD OUT FlashAndTheCity keynote audience will be the very first to see what we have in ‘store’ for the Flash community.

In the coming months, our SDK will be expanded to include “accelerometer movement, video chat, trackpad gestures, and microphone input” that will allow open development of “gaming, communication, entertainment and other experiences”.

There are too many ideas and details to share right now, and I am respectfully saving a lot to reveal at FlashAndTheCity. We’ve got a very exciting week and weekend ahead in New York City. Join us over at to download the SDK and get the latest information on building for BOTH our devices!

You’ll hear me say this many times going forward, but: “We believe that our platform’s use of Flash will be the best and easiest way for developers to deliver great content and applications to the TV!”.


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  1. Scott Janousek 11. May, 2010 at 6:15 pm #

    I like this direction litl may be going in.


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