Ribbit announces 650 Flex developers, funding and future plans

What a media day for Ribbit today. We are top news in just about every major technology publication and blog. Almost every story mentions Flex and AIR as key technologies for Ribbit’s developer platform, reported as having over 650 Flex developers from over 65 countries. Here is a sampling of stories and below that, a video on Youtube of an interview with me, where I promote Ribbit’s developer platform by professing my further love for Flex and AIR!

Techcrunch, Mashable, GagaOM, InfoWorld, SF Chronicle, PCWorld, TechWorld, CNET, onFlex, Business Journal, Digital Backcountry, Wired

As Director of the Developer Platform, I couldn’t be happier at how well the Flex community is embracing our technology! And as of this posting, our developer community is now over 900 Flex developers strong. It’s gonna be a day!

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  1. Mike Kollen 19. Dec, 2007 at 12:47 am #

    Hey Chuck,

    I met you at Apollo Camp through Ryan Stewart. My son just turned one this month. It is a such a huge blessing being a dad. I can’t wait to teach my son computers and how to program if he is into it.

    Best of success with your new endeavor.


    Mike Kollen