Announcing Yahoo! Maps Mashups

Finally, a comprehensive guide to developing mashups with the Yahoo! Maps APIs.

Wrox’s Yahoo! Maps Mashups is one of the first books available that teaches web developers how to build innovative applications with Yahoo!’s Maps APIs. With tremendous support for AJAX and Flash technologies, Yahoo!’s Maps API offerings let developers push map technology to its limits and beyond.Senior Yahoo! developer Charles Freedman skillfully guides readers through the simple, yet comprehensive Map APIs distinctly built on AJAX, JavaScript, Flash and Flex.      

Topics covered include:

  • Exploring map features such as panning and zooming, widgets, markers, overlays and geocoding.
  • Learning Mashup fundamentals including REST, XML and popular map-friendly web services.
  • Developing tight and efficient Mashups with the AJAX API
  • Enriching the Mashup experience with the JavaScript-Flash API
  • Creative and customized Mashups with the Actionscript-Flash API
  • Enterprise level data-driven Mashups with Flex 2
  • 40 plus code samples including 4 fully implemented mashups featuring Flickr, HotJobs,, real-time weather, traffic, video and more!

Yahoo! Maps Mashups will benefit readers of all levels of development experience. Those interested in Yahoo! Maps API’s and building map mashups will have at their fingertips all they need to build amazing map applications.

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