Yahoo! Public Hack Day > Double Duty

I found out today I will be speaking not once but twice at Yahoo!’s first public Hack Day coming up Friday Sept. 29-30.

At 11:00 Vince Maniago, Mirek Grymuza and I will present “Using Yahoo! Local Services to Power Your Application” (a reprise of our presentation from Where 2.0). The presentation is updated to cover the latest offerings from both the Ajax (v3.4) and Flash(v3.04) APIs. Vince will be adding many aspects of the powerful Y! Local APIs.

Later in the day at 4:30 I join Allen Rabinovich from Yahoo!’s prestigious Flash Platform team to present “Using Yahoo! APIs in Flash” which covers Flash APIs for Flickr, Upcoming and Maps.

* Go to Yahoo Developer Network to start playing with the APIs
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