Yahoo! Maps on the Silver Screen

As a movie enthusiast and film & television major, I’ve always aspired to get my work on the movie screen. I never knew that it would come (initially I hope) in the form of a mashup I did with the Yahoo! Maps API.

To promote the upcoming Da Vinci Code DVD (due Nov. 14), Sony has put together another trailer featuring interviews from Ron Howard, Dan Brown and the Yahoo! Maps mashup I did back in June. It appears Yahoo! is handling a special contest with the studio built around several hidden clues put into the original movie release.

I originally coded the mashup back for the theatrical release. It had the map panning and zooming into Paris, marking 4 locations of exclusive clips from the movie. To my knowledge it was very successful, and can still be viewed on Yahoo! Movies.

If you see the trailer in theaters, please let me know what movie you saw it with and where. I have only been informed about it by a colleague and can’t wait to see it with my own eyes.