Yahoo! Maps Mashups – Official Table of Contents

Wiley, the publisher of my first book Yahoo! Maps Mashups, has released the table of contents. The book is due on February 12 and it’s going to be a very exciting time. With just about a month to go before it’s release, here is the official list of chapters for the book:

1. Your Map, Your World.
2. Developing with Yahoo! Maps.

3. The Ajax API.
4. Get Started with the Ajax API.
5. Ajax API Basics.
6. Ajax API Advanced Features.
7. The Ajax Mashup.

8. The JS-Flash API.
9. Get Started with the JS-Flash API.
10. JS-Flash API Basics.
11. JS-Flash API Advanced Features.
12. The JS-Flash Mashup.

13. The AS-Flash API.
14. Get Started with the AS-Flash API.
15. AS-Flash API Basics.
16. AS-Flash API Advanced Features.
17. The AS-Flash Mashup.

18. Yahoo! Maps and Flex 2.
19. Get Started with Yahoo! Maps and Flex 2.
20. Basic Methods: Flex 2 using the AS-Flash API.
21. Advanced Features: Flex 2 using the AS-Flash API.
22. The Flex 2 Mashup.

Appendix A. API Method Comparison Chart.
Appendix B. API Example and Mashup Index.  

You’ll likely notice that pretty much an equal share of the book is dedicated to each of Yahoo!’s Maps APIs. Starting with an intro chapter of the API and its technology, moving on to steps to getting started, then basic and advanced methods of the API. Each section culminates in a mashup with another popular Yahoo! API. The last section works with the AS-Flash API and Flex 2 using Local Connection.

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Wiley’s TOC and book details



Zach Graves

Can’t wait for your book Chuck! Mainly so I can see all the mashup ideas you kept for yourself 😛

The Flex 2 bit should be quite helpful for the time being, eh.

Colby Grenier

Any chance I’ll be able to get you to sign my copy at the home opener this year?


Colby, your request just may be granted. My publisher is working on some appearances for me. One may not be too far from Yawkey Way.

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