ApolloCamp – Help choose the Yahoo! API for my session

I am proudly slated to present a mini-session called “Building an Apollo Based Mashup with Yahoo APIs” at the upcoming, SOLD OUT ApolloCamp. At 8:45 PM on March 16, I will take the platform and demonstrate an Apollo mashup with a Yahoo! API. I’d like your help in choosing the Yahoo! API(s) for this session.

There are so many engagng Yahoo! APIs to choose from, and while we’ve explored many possibilities, I thought it would be fun to hear your ideas and get your input. I ask you to check out the different Yahoo! APIs profiled at developer.yahoo.com and comment below as to which one(s) you’d like to see mashed-up into an Apollo app. Also, if you wish, tell me what you would like to see the app do.

The list at YDN includes APIs to Yahoo! properties like:
Answersdel.icio.us – Flickr – Local – Maps – MyBlogLog – Photos – PipesSearch – Shopping – TravelUpcomingWebjay
As there have already been some awesome Y!APIs demonstrated in presentations and part of the pre-release, I hope to introduce a new API into Apollo. Take a close look at Pipes especially, as there are ways there to combine multiple APIs including non-Yahoo! feeds. If you’ve built a Pipe and think it would feed a good Apollo app, post the URL.

In a few days I will close out the comments and we will decide which API to mashup with Apollo. Whether you are attending or not, I think you will benefit from the source code we will make available from the demonstrated app. I hear the ApolloCamp sessions will be captured on video as well, so there should be many ways to see and learn from this app.

I can’t wait to lead this session at ApolloCamp and look forward to seeing your ideas below and meeting many of you at the session. 

* Note: If you’re interested in mashing up Yahoo! APIs with Flash or Flex, check out YDN’s gallery of community-submitted mashups.



Andrew Spaulding

I’d love to see an Apollo version of Webjay, where I can import my songs, create a playlist, and share it with others, as well as searching for tunes and listening to them in the same app. Would be a cool demo! Hopefully my trip is approved today and I’ll get that chance to meet you there!! Look forward to seeing your demo at Apollo Camp!




Provided the API has been updated for AS3, I’d love to see a Maps mashup. Using the AS2 version has been ok and all, but I’d love to really take advantage of it in my flex apps.

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