Mashup of the Day is – Flex 2, Yahoo! Maps and Flickr

My site “” has been selected as  Mashup of the Day. GameTripping uses an inline Flex 2 app to let users review, track and collect the MLB ballparks they’ve visited. The mashup features Yahoo! Maps JS-Flash API which shows a hi-res aerial image of each ballpark coupled with Y! Local listings of area bars, parking, food, etc. Paired with that is a Flickr Flash app that displays the latest photos tagged with that ballpark. 

There are so many reasons why I am excited about this Mashup of the Day honor. First, it happens to be the very first mashup EVER listed on the site that is tagged with FLEX. (While I know it’s not the first Flex app listed, it certainly is a distinction that it is tagged as such.) Next, the site is usually dominated by ‘easy-to-replicate’ Gmaps Ajax mashups, so having a Yahoo! Maps Flash API-based mashup in there is always great to see. Next, I am a huge fan of programmableweb and find it to be the web’s most comprehensive listing of mashups. Last but absolutely not least, John Musser, the site’s talented and passionate owner, chose this day to blog about my new book “Yahoo Maps Mashups“. 


But wait, there’s more. It turns out Lightening Strikes Twice for this Boston turned Bay Area Flash Platform Engineer. Back on my home field, Yahoo! Developer Network has posted an announcement of my book at Once again, just like on Ted Patrick’s blog a week ago, my book cover (and face) grace today’s YDN blog post

YDN is one of the leading API sites out there as they are chartered with distributing and indexing most of Yahoo!’s APIs. You’ve probably worked or heard of many of them including Flickr,, Travel, Music,, Weather, Answers, Search… and Yahoo! Maps, just to name a few. 

All in all, quite a day and a great opportunity to further evangelize the benefits of coding mashups with Yahoo! APIs and Flash Platform technology. As I write this, I am looking to the not-to-distant future, when a new platform codenamed ‘Apollo‘ will only further explode our mashup world.