Yahoo! Maps Mashups SHIPPING and IN STORES

My book in stock

My first book “Yahoo! Maps Mashups” is in stores and starts shipping today. What a thrill it was yesterday to spot my book (actually, my wife saw it first) at the local B&N with 4 fresh copies on the shelf. The book is categorized as “Web Development”, “Flash”, “ActionScript”, “JavaScript” and “Ajax” so it finds itself stocked alphabetically among the web development books section.

I launched the companion site for the book last week at If you have bought, are buying or want to check out the code in the book, this site is the place to go. Once you complete some of the comprehensive mashup exercises (there’s over 40 code samples), I invite you to submit them to the mashup list on the site.

The book covers each Yahoo! Maps API, including mashups between the AS-Flash API and Hotjobs, the JS-Flash API and Y! Travel and the Ajax API and Flickr (using JSON). Finally, I spend 5 chapters working with the AS-Flash API and Flex 2 via LocalConnection. That mashup shows you how to make your own video and Model data-based mashup with Flex 2. 

Now shipping from Amazon, the book is proudly paired (“Better Together“) with the ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook. Recent purchases show customers buying it with this book, plus the reputable Advanced ActionScript 3 Design Patterns and Adobe Flex 2: Training From the Source. It’s certainly in fine company! 

Buy the book from Amazon!