ApolloCamp Yahoo! API mashup demo on Flex TV (video.onflex.org)

Ted Patrick and I chatted about the need for a Flex TV channel way back in September of last year. What he and Mike Chambers have done is nothing short of brilliant. If you have not visited video.onflex.org, you are missing out on some great Flex/Apollo tutorials and presentations. 

Earlier today, Mike graciously posted the full video of my presentation (with Zach Graves) from ApolloCamp. Watch the presentation on the Upcoming.org Desktop Edition built on Apollo.

The presentation went off very well and I am hard at work putting together more examples of Apollo apps built with Yahoo APIs. I hope to present these apps, as well as provide the code and examples publicly. In fact, I should have an exciting announcement very soon about a future presentation. I’ll post that news once everything is official.