Boston, the second city of Flash

We all know San Francisco and the Bay area to be the central hub of Flash/Flex/Apollo activity. After all, Adobe is primarily based here, with HQ in San Jose and the Macromedia-turned-Adobe SF office alive and well hosting events like the hot ApolloCamp this past Friday. But it looks like Boston, my birthplace and perennial hometown (although my body and mind relocated in November ’05 to the Bay), has established itself as Flash’s second city. With a number of huge conferences scheduled THIS year and some fast growing and exciting companies calling it home, Boston is hot with Flash. 

I chatted with Lynda Weinman at ApolloCamp and learned that 2 of’s major conferences will be held in Boston this year. DX3 (May 15-18), aimed at interactive designers/developers moving beyond the web browser to mobile, desktop and game console environments. Mobile as in Flash Lite? Desktop as in Apollo? Game console as in Wii? Yes, I am pretty excited by what this represents. They will also be holding the fall edition of FlashForward (September 19-21) in Boston, always a well-organized and cutting edge event (although I’ve never been to one personally). 

Some consider events like these a bit pricey (see Keith’s Conference Pricing post). For the corporate crowd, though, they provide a clear agenda, frontline speakers and nice incentives for developers in terms of well-prized contests and nicely funded festivals. 

Also announced during the keynote at 360Flex is a Boston show in August. For those not able to attend 360Flex in San Jose (me being one of them), we all know now not to even think about missing the Boston edition in late summer. Ted Patrick and co. know how to put together an amazing event and for very little money. 

Conferences are not the only thing making Boston hot for Flash. I’ve got several friends and former colleagues spread around town doing some amazing things for some amazing companies. Start with Brightcove, based in Cambridge, looking to dominate the NEW broadcast media space with superior Flash technology. Over 10 open Flash-based positions at last count. Super reputable Schematic has a big presence in Boston, home to authors like Joey Lott and Scott Janouseck. They’re hiring too with a bunch of Flash designer and Sr. developer positions open. Another company worth mentioning is big Fidelity, who launched a Flex/Flash-loaded labs site last year with some exciting practical and experimental demos. 

Boston is beaming with Flash and I’m glad to see the conference circuit showing love to this awesome city. With so much talent and opportunity in Boston, housing prices half of what they are out here (SF/Bay) and all this conference attention starting, the development community is set to surge – a wicked moah (translation: a lot more).



Peter Baird

… not to mention a good chunk of the Flex SDK team that works out of Adobe’s Boston office (okay, Newton… okay Auburndale technically, but just a Green-line away from Boston)


Yes, of course, Adobe’s Boston office is about 8 miles from downtown. My condo was in Waban, Newton, about a 5 minute bike ride to Grove Street. It’s a really great location, central to Boston and all of New England.

Rob Toole

I most definitely agree Chuck, great to be in Beantown with all the activity as of late. And yes, as a manager of rich media initiatives at Fidelity, we’ve got some cool stuff on the horizon. Thanks for the mention.

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