Introducing Chase Edward, born at 4:34 pm on 3/4

My wife Jamie and I had our first child on Sunday. His name is Chase Edward and after spending the first 5 minutes with him, I knew we would love this baby more than anything!

My wife is healing and doing great. We can’t wait to take him home in a couple of days. And starting later this week, our families will be traveling out from the East coast to meet Chase. We’re in for some exciting times.

Jamie and I have to rest now, but we’ll be posting many new photos of Chase during our hospital stay. My wife will also be posting photos at Chase’s BabySite.

Thanks for sharing this special day with us through this blog entry and to those in our closest circles, we can’t wait for you to meet little Chase Edward.



Scott and Trishia Morgan

Congratulations guys, I am glad to hear that everything went smoothly. He is a handsome little guy and very lucky to have two very excited and loving parents such as yourselves. I will have to break it to Ben that Chase can’t go in the treehouse just yet. Get some rest and I can’t wait to meet the newest Flash Developer in the Bay area. He will always be known as the baby born on the eve of 360Flex, Ok, probably not. Congratulations guys! And then there were 3.

Scott, Trishia, Ben, and Chole

Keith Peters

Congrats man!!! I know you’ll make a great dad. But “Chase Edward”??? I thought for sure it was going to be Apollo Flash Freedman. 😉 Well, at least you didn’t name him after a Red Sox player.

Jeri and Barry


Rob Abbott

Thanks for inviting me to see Chase today. He’s a beautiful baby. Does this make me an honorary uncle?

Is it selfish to want to babysit so I can show Chase off to pick up women?

It’s a win, win! 😉

I am looking forward to seeing you, Jamie and Chase Edward again soon. Congratulations!!!

Joyce, Ken, Emily and Sonia

We think he is the most beautiful baby ever. We are so happy for you.

Kisses from us all…
Joyce, Ken, Emily, Sonia, Duke and Rex

Zach Graves

Yeah, I was expecting Flex Freedman or something similar.

Congratulations man, crazy times ahead for you.

Get a picture of him with the book! 🙂

Andre Gous

Hi Charles & Jamie … congratulations on this magnificent event.

Also, Charles, I love your Yahoo! Maps Mashups book. I do have a technical question and I was wondering if I could hire you as a consultant to help us get beyond a hurdle where the top-right controls work but don’t show visibly in the Microsoft Internet Explorer, though they show up fine in Firefox. Please let me know. Thank you …

Sam Robbins

WOW congrats!! Happy to see you are all doing well. Talk soon.

nancy, max, hannah, heather, Charlee and Finney

I am the last to know! My parents thought they told me !
CONGRADS!!! on your gorgeous baby boy! Can’t wait to meet Chase and see you all again!


Congrats Chuck and Jamie! Chase is a lucky kid to have parents like you.

Abdul Qabiz

Congrats Chuck! It was nice meeting you in Apollo Camp.


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