Keith Peters, The Da Vinci of ActionScript Code

Keith Peters has done it again! The follow up to his “Foundation ActionScript Animation: Making Things Move” has been re-written to cover ActionScript 3.0. It is nothing less than brilliant. No other book on Flash so boldly straddles the line between advanced design and compelling development.

I’ve known Keith now for over 2 years and I am proud to call him a good friend and former co-worker. He played a big part in the shaping of my own Flash career and his teachings of best practices, optimization and documentation propelled me (and many others) to the success I have enjoyed in the industry.

As I lectured students and faculty at Boston University a few weeks ago, I spent an entire slide talking about Keith and his role in the Flash community. To Keith, giving back to the Flash development community is a very important thing. It has helped him put together an impressive catalog of Flash books and an equally impressive roster of conference appearances. Those lucky enough to be in Toronto this weekend can see Keith speak at FITC. He’ll be no doubt dazzling the audience Tuesday morning as he covers “Apollo Outside of the Box“. I saw Keith present first hand at the last two FITC’s (Toronto and Hollywood last October) and it’s easy to see why he continues to be a marquee event at these conferences.

Keith’s latest book, “Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move” appeals to Flash Designer/Developers and Flex Developers alike. This is not an easy thing to do. The book is rich with Keith’s trademark style of mixing mathematical wizardry with eye-popping animation techniques. But within the complex, yet easy-to-code examples in the book, the reader will acquire a cross discipline of skills that will sure make them a much better developer.

In case you missed it, Keith’s writing can also be found in the ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook, released last year. Upon reading the book, I was actually able to spot some of the chapters I new Keith had a hand in. I have the honor and privilege of saying that Keith’s next book is also mine. Having reviewed his initial chapters for OUR Professional Apollo book, I can tell you that his contribution will be nothing short of signature Keith.

In his forward to the new “Making Things Move” book, Aral Balkin labels Keith as an artist AND a programmer. In today’s world, a programmer is very much a scientist. Combine that with his proven and imaginative artistry and to us in the Flash community, Keith is our Da Vinci.

Keith signed his new book for me.
Keith graciously signed his new book for me.




I read Kieth’s book “Making Things Move for AS2” and then talked 3 other developers at Xbox into getting it. Now I’m reading his update for AS3 and loving it. I would put them on a short list of must read Flash books.


An artist AND a programmer, but NOT a fontographer!

Zach Graves

Ordered my AS3 book yesterday. Can’t wait!

Keith Peters

I did a search to see how many others with my name were out there. Surprisingly, a lot of them. A writer, a professor….very interesting. I’m a sports writer in Palo Alto. Good to see all these famous Keith Peters out there!

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