Meet the new Blog

Something magical happened last week when, while reviewing my weekly stats I noticed that this blog I write had attracted over 1,000 unique visitors in a single day. What was even more astounding was that those visitors hit over 5,000 pages. Under most circumstances, that kind of news/milestone would motivate one to begin taking their blog a bit more seriously.

Not me! Although, I suppose, in re-designing (re-theme-ing) my blog, I am taking a more precise approach to my blog, my intent is actually to make it more personal. I’ve taken some time to modify my blog to be more intimate and reveal to my audience a little bit more about me and my interests.

The layout is a bit more restrictive, but much cleaner and controlled. I’ve added the toolbar to allow for easier navigation and give me easier access to the all-important “Site Admin” link (which you hopefully can’t see). The header image will be a window into the places and spaces I most enjoy. Eventually, I will add some rotating image feature to cycle through my own photos.

With the new Chuckstar Store, powered by Amazon, I can now share with you all the books I am reading (and/or writing), DVDs I am enjoying and cool gadgets I use or am researching. Purchases through this store will allow me to buy additional items to feature in these lists.

Enjoy the new and feel free to comment with feedback and suggestions.