Adobe’s week to remember

It’s called sweeps week and in broadcast television it means the week where networks gear up for the upcoming advertising season. The week is usually marked by the network airing all-new and often super-sized shows featuring the very best content, guest stars and exciting episodes.

Unless you’ve been super busy tracking Tony Soprano or Paris Hilton, you should have realized that Adobe’s sweeps week is upon us. Waiting for Adobe announcements has become an unlikely, yet feverish hobby of many Flash, Flex and Apollo enthusiasts.

For starters, Ted Patrick’s revealing rush of features on the upcoming Flex 3 has to mean something for the long awaited new version of the ever-growing juggernaut that is Adobe’s optimal web development platform. His daily posts last week provided RICH and COMPELLING articles, not to mention some ultra-revealing screenshots that he could have easily charged money to see.

Next, the naming of Adobe’s new desktop platform currently known as Apollo seems to be nearing. Every other post listed on MXNA (the ones that aren’t on cold fusion) seems to indicate a new name is around the corner. This anticipation goes back to ApolloCamp and before, where Kevin Lynch announced Apollo was a code name and that’s it. I don’t understand the hype really, other than most of us love the name Apollo and can’t imagine it being anything else. But that hasn’t stopped all the buzz and guessing out there. People are throwing out all sorts of ideas, and it’s funny to watch the people who know what the name is going to be restrain themselves from crossing the line in their blog posts (sort of what I’m doing now).

Folks are doing all they can to decipher the new name. It appears Ted’s ‘blurred’ screenshots of the new name spurred all sorts of techniques. It’s like analyzing a Beatles cover. People are putting it under the magnifying glass (Photoshop-wise), reading it backwards in a mirror and staring at it while playing Wizard of Oz in the background.

And what of the rumors about Flash Player and some new features there. Surely, we couldn’t comprehend a new version of the player. Didn’t we just reach 98.4% or something just a month ago? But the folks in Redmond are putting the pressure on, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see something in that department.

It’s building up to be a crazy week. There’ve been too many posts. So many people can barely keep a tight lip. MAX is less than 4 months away, and that’s short time for Beta testing. Something’s in the air, that’s for sure, and we’ll all be talking about it feverishly in the days to come.