360Flex: I’m speaking about Ribbit, so see you in Seattle

I’m excited to announce that I will be speaking at 360Flex in Seattle, taking place August 13-15. 360Flex represents the best concentration of Flex developers, anywhere. You are guaranteed to become a better, more networked developer by attending. In recognition of the incredible opportunity to present to this caliber of developers, we at Ribbit have decided to share a preview of our application and developer platform, including our free phone component, with the worthy 360Flex audience.

Having had a hand the formation of the first 360 event, I am very fond of the conference’s methodology, approach and its founders. However, the inaugural event occurred the same week as the birth of my son, Chase, and so I was not able to attend and present as planned. Having the opportunity to come back and share the amazing technology and application my team and I have been building at Ribbit seems a very fitting way to mark my official debut at the conference.

This will also mark my first trip to Seattle, so I’d ask any Emerald city natives attending the conference to spare some time for a tour. I won’t ask for much, given you’ll probably be entangled in the rich content that 360Flex has to offer. Whether it be Ben Lucyk’s “AIR 101” course, Brendan Meutzner’s “Advanced Charting”, Renaun’s “Logging Framework” or Andy Trice’s “Programmatic Visualization” (to name a few), there’s an amazing and incredible depth of over 40 sessions to choose from.

Join me at 360Flex for my presentation “Make phone calls and check voicemail from Flex with the Ribbit Phone Component“.

Session Description: Charles Freedman, Director of User Experience & Flash Platform at Ribbit will present to you the component you’ve always wanted. Ribbit’s new, free, all-in-one Phone Component will let you do the following amazing and never before seen features including: Make calls to anyone right from your Flex application, manage contacts, check and listen to voicemail. Get a sneak peak on this cutting edge technology, built on Adobe Flex, and learn how you can be one of the first to develop with this exciting and free component offering from Ribbit.

I’ll see you in Seattle for 360Flex. >> Register Here.