Hello Flex! Phone calls made and received inside Flex and you saw it first at 360!

“It actually worked — he called someone in the audience, then someone else called him. Cooooool.” – a first hand account from The Joy of Flex, live from the 360|Flex audience. Here’s more coverage and how to be one of the first to get the component in your hands!

Andy Abramson from VoIP Watch says it’s stirring up the developer world. Mike Potter rallies Flex developers about the new Flex Based VoIP Component. Ryan Stewart’s jaw dropped after seeing the demo of a technology he calls a scare to Skype.

Here’s your chance to be part of the excitement and be one of the first to develop with the recently announced Ribbit Phone componentSign Up for the pre release and you could be part of the first group of lucky Flex developers to work with this incredible technology.

As I announced yesterday in my very well attended presentation at 360|Flex, the chosen pre-release developers will be notified as early as August 27 and will have the component in their hands as early as September 3. Based on the ideas several eager developers shared with me after I spoke yesterday, as well as many of the ambitions of developers that have signed up for the pre-release, I am so excited to get this technology out early to those that are really able to run with it.

Once again, I encourage you to sign up for the pre release so we can consider everyone interested and, if chosen, get the component in your hands in less than 3 weeks.

360|Flex proved to be the perfect venue to announce and share details on the Ribbit Phone component. I had a great dinner with the dedicated conference organizers Tom and John last night, and Ribbit was recognized as one of the biggest highlights of the conference. I certainly hope we can take an even bigger part in future 360 conferences to come.

My session yesterday was one of the last of the entire conference (the finale), and while many folks had flights yesterday evening, they stuck around to see a phone call sent and received right within Flex. I’ll be sharing highlights form the presentation on developer.ribbitphone.com.



Andrew Trice

Hey Chuck,
Thanks for the demo at your 360|Flex presentation! It’s some pretty impressive technology, and definitely changes the way you think about what is possible via web-based applications. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what can be done with it.

Tom Ortega

Yeah, Chuck. It was a pleasure to have you at 360|Flex Seattle. It was also great to see such a revolutionary product launch at our conference. We see ourselves as changing the conference space and having disruptive technologies like Ribbit’s debut there only lends more to that feeling.

Thanks again for speaking and joining us in Seattle!

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