Master Chief was on the AIR bus in Boston

Finally, I was able to attend an AIR mini-conference along Adobe’s AIR bus tour. Coming to Boston was a great chance for me to see family. I had a lot of friends show up at the conference as well and it was a great opportunity to see them and show everyone what I had been up to at Ribbit.

Master Chief on AIR
A few toys were lying around on the AIR bus, so I put this little scene together.
The bus and Halo’s Master Chief are not to scale. Check out the Apollo mission patches.

The guys from Adobe did an amazing job running this show and I was very impressed at how smooth the single track event ran. At the last stop of the second leg of the tour, these guys showed little exhaust and were obviously still riding the wave of excitement that the bus tour brings.

I took the stage at 1:00, and demonstrated the Ribbit Phone Component powering an AIR app. Once again, there was great applause when I called Ryan Stewart from the demo AIR app I wrote specifically for the conference. I look forward to presenting Ribbit again in just a few weeks at Dreamforce in San Francisco. More details on that to come.

  Showing Ribbit Phone   The Boston crowd   Chuck on the bus