Igniting MAX and the human response

Answering the call from MAX master Ted Patrick, I submitted a topic for the Ignite sessions to be held during the opening night at MAX. And wouldn’t you know it, that topic was chosen. My proposed Ignite session ‘Score with Flex up the middle’ will be one of just 16 topics featured during the opening night of Adobe’s MAX mega-conference in Chicago starting September 30.

My main mission in attending MAX is to promote Ribbit primarily through the INSPIRE session I will lead Monday afternoon. To be honest, this Ignite session adds some excitement and variety, and while I had registered for as many XD-related sessions as I could, the chance to speak as part of Ignite is now icing on the cake.

You may recognize my ‘Flex up the middle’ title from a recent post I made about the success of my implementing a Flex widget center-stage on my ballpark review site, GameTripping.com. GameTripping has been sort of a hobby site of mine for a few years now. What’s really cool about me being able to showcase the Ultimate Ballpark Review site in Chicago is pretty obvious. Chicago is home to historic Wrigley Field, which happens to rank #2 in GameTripping’s rankings of most popular ballparks based on user clicks.

In the Ignite session, I will speed through a 20 slide presentation to show how simple it was to add an inline Flex form, somewhat rich and interactive, as the centerpiece of GameTripping’s main page.

I’m looking forward to helping Ignite MAX with ‘Score with Flex up the middle’ on Sunday, followed by my ‘Ribbit on AIR’ INSPIRE session Monday.