Ribbit on AIR will be INSPIRE-ing at Adobe MAX Chicago

In the hilarious debut season of NBC’s 30 Rock, Tracy Jordan (played by Tracy Morgan) gave some great advice to Kenneth the NBC page. He said “Live every week like it’s a Shark Week”.

Working at a startup in Mountain View feels like a Shark Week almost every week, in that with continuous releases and exciting announcements, you feel you are gearing up for each new week as if it’s a once a year event.

This week at Ribbit, not too unique form any other week really, we are doing some amazing things. First off, we have an exciting announcement to make. Ribbit will take a center stage at Adobe’s MAX conference in Chicago.

Part of the exclusive and jaw-dropping INSPIRE series, I will present a very special Ribbit on AIR session. In the session I will show how we’re taking Ribbit’s cutting edge web application and optimizing it for the hot Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) platform. In addition, you will get to see some of the amazing projects coming out of our brand new developer platform program featuring the Ribbit Phone component. These applications will be the first you will see where phone calls and voice mail access are made seamlessly from within Flex and AIR, two of Adobe’s most exciting platform technologies in the spotlight at MAX. Join me for the session at MAX | Chicago on Monday, October 1 at 3:15. More details on MAX and the session

Also this week, our pre-release for the Ribbit Phone component kicks off as a hand-picked selection of talented and imaginative Flex developers start receiving the first release of the much-awaited Ribbit APIs. As Director of Flash Platform for Ribbit, I have been focusing most of my time (and then some) on readying the component for and exclusive yet very significant release. Check out the Ribbit Phone developer site for more details and learn how to sign up for upcoming releases.

Here’s hoping you “Live every week like it’s a Shark Week“, too.