Apple and NBC no longer dating, but clearly still friends

It wasn’t too long ago when NBC announced they would no longer be selling their content through Apple’s iTunes. I’m not an iTunes (or Apple) customer yet, but I am still so fascinated by the company, their technology and the loyal grip they have on their customers. I also am a big fan of NBC shows and rank 30 Rock, The Office, SNL and Conan as some of the funniest shows on television. So, needless to say, I was intrigued by this announcement.

Truth be told, and I’ve said this before, I don’t totally agree with high quality, HD content being watched on a 2.5 inch screen like the iPod’s. Maybe it’s the cinefile in me, but I have such an appreciation for what goes into filming/taping this content that I think it gets spoiled quite¬†a bit when shrunken down to such a small viewing space.

So, the NBC dumping iTunes announcement didn’t surprise me so much. NBC wants to distribute their own content and that should be the norm. The combined NBC Universal powerhouse should give them all the reach they need to get their content out there and sold.

Now, how do I know that Apple and NBC are still friends? Watching 30 Rock this past evening you may have noticed that after the ‘cold opening’ (SNL term that’s carried over to this show), the very first commercial to air (this is usually the most expensive slot of the entire show) was a new Apple iPhone commercial.

Clearly, Apple and NBC don’t hate each other. Or maybe the advertising was sold in advance of the iTunes break up between the two. I counted another 2 or 3 iPhone commercials between 30 Rock and The Office. While NBC no longer saw enough value in selling their content through Apple, apparently Apple still sees value in NBC content, choosing to advertise it’s product to their audience.