MAX 2007, so far sooooooooo good

Highlights for me so far after Day 1 of Adobe MAX 2007 have been:

good food at the Speaker Dinner,
the welcome night Ignite sessions,
Kevin Lynch’s Microsoft jokes during the keynote,
getting a free massage at the community pavilion,
seeing many friends (and myslef) in the pre-keynote montage,
being able to find the room my INSPIRE session was held in on day 1,
bumping into all the great talent of the Adobe developer community world roaming the halls,
seeing that an audience of folks interested in Ribbit also found the room my INSPIRE session was held in,
watching many of the AIR tour evangelist file into the AIR bus as if they no longer knew of any other place to go

… just to name a few.
MAX is off to a good start. I think it will even get better.
Day 2 awaits and an omnimous fog has settled in on Chicago.