Ribbit Shout is voice-to-text to email, for Flex and AIR

I just announced the Beta1.1 release of Ribbit Developer Component and we’ve added a huge new feature. Ribbit Shout services in the Flex/AIR component let you create, record and send a voice message to ANY email address. The recipient of the message receives the voice message attached as an mp3, along with an optional voice-to-text transcription of the message.

This was an exciting and unique feature to add. I mean, once you release a component that allows Flex developers the ability to make phone calls for their apps, it’s hard to think you’ll ever top or match that excitement.

I think Ribbit Shout adds a new dimension of communication to/through the component and could be a much more tangible feature for developers to build on. The adoption of adding the unprecedented voice and phone ability to an app is nothing short of amazing. I’ve approved hundreds of developers into our community and the activity level on our support forums has been much higher than I expected.

With this new feature, Ribbit developers now have functionalities that are much smaller and portable by nature to build around. I think we’ll see much more widget-like apps that take advantage of Ribbit Shout’s voice to text to email features.

Plus we’ve got some very big announcements still to come for the developer platform. Exciting times and even more exciting technology to play with.