Flash across Amazon

I still get a slightly giddy feeling whenever I go to a major internet site and see Flash all across the page. Amazon has decorated its holiday page with a pair of Flash widgets that add a flair of dancing interactivity to its otherwise get-to-the point storefront.

The widgets sit side-by-side. The one on the left cascades bestselling products in a front-to-back-to-front again scrolling fashion. It is cool, but would sure benefit from some PaperVision 3D or Doug (jam master)¬†McCune coverflow magic. The other widget features ‘Customer Vote’ products in a constant right to left marquee stream. The customer voting program¬†is super cool. I landed and xBox 360 for $99 last holiday season through this promotion.

Like I said, always happy to see Flash featured on major sites. Amazon is definitely up there, so hats off to whatever agency, internal developer or over-eager intern who got this idea in front of the right people.