My first two years in Silicon Valley, Intro

This week marks 2 years since I relocated from Boston to the South Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, also known as Silicon Valley. In that time I have worked for two great companies, appeared at 10 events, met and worked with amazing people, made some great friends and learned a ton about innovation and life in the world’s technology Mecca.

I will be writing about my experiences at different companies, my involvement with the great Adobe development communities and life here overall. This will be a 4 part short blog series over the next 3 weeks.

If you have any questions for me about my experiences

    – “what are the differences between contracting and working at a large company vs. a startup?”
    – “how do I prepare for a conference presentation?”
    – “why on earth (pun) did I leave yahoo maps?”
    – “what’s it like seeing your beloved hometown team win the Worlds Series from afar?”
    – “which do I prefer; a nor’easter that blows me off the road or an earthquake that knocks me on my ass?”

 please let me know so I can include those topics in what I write

I’ve been fortunate to be on this incredible adventure, and while I may be smack in the middle of it, there are lots of moments thus far to share. I look forward to posting Part 1 towards the end of next week.