PaperVision3D has bitten me

I blame the long weekend, Doug McCune’s sweet and inspiring CoverFlow component and an over-elaborate idea to build a 3D Ribbit app for my recent immersion (more like head first-dunking) into PaperVision3D.

One visit to the PaperVision3D site led me to download the Flex code package and I was up and running with the 3D rally car demo in Flex after about 10 minutes.

As I examined the code, it occurred to me I had never heard the terms Collada, Material, DisplayObject3D and .dae before. Without looking at documentation or tutorials (not recommended), I was actually able to figure out what was going on. In another few hours, I had cut that cool 3D rally car down to a single Goodyear tire that could flip 180 degrees in either direction by pressing my left and right arrow keys. Progess.

After further examination of the PPV3d blog I discovered the links to documentation and a light’s out, amazing tutorial that I totally recommend looking at first!

I’ve run into a problem though. After downloading a trial to Autodex 3Ds MAX 2008 (oh yes, custom 3D worlds are calling), I have hit a snag. I cannot find a ColladaMax plug-in for this new version and the default Autodesk export to .dae (the Collada file PPV3D breaks down to render) is not working.

It looks like I’m about to get help on PaperVision3D’s support forum, so I hope to have an answer soon… and I’ll keep you posted.

If you are interested in PPV3D, I advise developers with addictive personalities to proceed with caution, and fill a giant water bottle before coding!