Public Service Announcement: Don’t Text and Drive

It’s very tempting… While driving, that ‘new message’ chime rings and you know you’ve got a text message waiting for you on your phone. Even reaching over for the phone, if it’s in your cup holder on the passenger seat, will result in that split second that your eyes are not on the road. There are enough obstacles these days… too many cars, too many bad drivers, and worse, other drivers not looking at the road but looking down at their phones as they dial or text others. You simply can’t afford to be focused on the road at all times.

Two years ago, I insisted on getting a car (Acura TSX) featuring Bluetooth integration so my eyes would never have to leave the road. When someone calls, I see their number on my dashboard. And when I want to call someone, I simply press a button on the steering wheel and say the person’s name. I understand a lot of cars still don’t have these features, but I know more and more are getting them. I can’t wait until such a feature not only lets you call but also ‘reads’ to you incoming text messages and lets you dictate replies.

But before I get on too much of a tangent, you can never, ever text and drive. Resist the temptation. No message you could ever receive is more important than you reaching your destination safely. And if you need further motivation, read this news story about an accident involving a boy being killed by a driver, not drinking and driving, but texting and driving…

Unfortunately, I think we are going to see more stories like this one… just make sure the story will never include you. Have a safe and Happy New Year!