Ribbit announces $2500 Flex app contest; Nominated for 2 Crunchies

In a recent press release, Ribbit announced that our Flex developer community has reached nearly 2,000 developers, tripling in size within a week of the company’s launch on Monday. We have also announced our next contest, the biggest yet, where you can win a Grand Prize of $2500. The best Personal Ribbit Phone app will be judged by both members of the Ribbit team AND your peers in the Ribbit Developer Platform Community.

If the excitement of these two announcements wasn’t enough, we learned yesterday (by way of Ryan Stewart’s post) that Ribbit has been nominated for not one, but two Techcrunch Crunchie awards. Recognized as one of a handful of “Flash Platform” companies, I invite you to GO and VOTE for Ribbit here:

VOTE for Ribbit “Best Enterprise Start-up 2007”

VOTE for Ribbit “Best Overall New Start-up 2007

Thank you for voting, and especially if you are a member of our developer community, thank you for your amazing support! If you haven’t joined yet and downloaded the free telephony component, you are missing out on some incredible technology, not to mention a chance at a cool $2500 prize, which we will begin accepting submissions for in just 3 weeks. Here’s a quote from me you’ll find in the press release mentioned above:

“Coding with our breakthrough communications technology provides more than enough incentive for building solutions on our platform,” said Freedman. “This new challenge lets us stoke the community to come up with really amazing concepts, adding a bit of a race to build the next killer web or desktop phone application. By offering developers a simple goal with exciting prizes, we can let the community raise the bar on innovation. Ultimately, it is our commitment to great technology and community support that truly enables developers to build great things.” 

These are exciting times for Flex and web/desktop application developers and it’s great we can all be a part of it.