Ribbit Platform Release Party – Final preparations

One of the easiest ways for an API Flex coder to quantify their work over a length of time is compare asdocs every month or so. I’m preparing for Ribibt’s Platform Release Party, assembling my presentations and one particular slide called “what’s new in beta 2”. Comparing the Beta 1.1 docs for the Ribbit Flex component vs. the latest for Beta 2, there are a ton of new methods and events that we have added. I can’t wait to share some of the more significant ones this coming Thursday.

Along with our CEO, VP of Business Development and Platform Evangelist, I’ll be speaking on the following exciting topics:

– A new Ribbit Developer site and community
– The new Beta 2 component, featuring some key features for building Personal Communication Applications
– Contest winners from our Ribbit Shout contest held last month
– Exciting details on a new contest with some serious prizes

I am also thrilled to hear Ryan Stewart speak a bit about the latest with AIR and Flex during our event.

The audience is going to be big… and we’ve already had to move to a bigger venue (thanks to Rob and our friends at Metaliq). Those of you in the SF Bay area, I hope to see you on Thursday night. Combined with the preceding SILVAFUG meeting, it’s going to be one great party with lots of innovation to take away.