Amphibian and the Ribbit Store, where developers will monetize apps


Amphibian and the Ribbit Store were announced today, creating a premium avenue for Ribbit developers to actually distribute and monetize their Flex and AIR applications.

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It’s another banner day for Ribbit as we introduce the world to Amphibian, the consumer side of our web-telephony service. Our execs are down at DEMO this week showing off one of our most exciting products yet. The features of Amphibian, our new Flex application, include the following:

1) The ability to manage voicemail and messages like email – you receive voice messages and text transcriptions. You can search through the transcriptions and play the messages you want to hear.

2) Extend Amphibian to receive calls inside the browser and within web portals such as iGoogle, Facebook, NetVibes, etc.

3) We are introducing Caller ID 2.0, an awesome feature that will search the contextual web based on the person who is calling you. You won’t just know who is calling, but what they are up to.

For our developer community, there is much more to observe and celebrate.

More on the Ribbit Store:

Finally… beyond the innovation and novelty of adding voice, phone calling, messaging and contact management… and beyond all the great contests we have held and have announced… there is now a true incentive to code a Ribbit app!

The Ribbit Store is where members of the developer community will distribute and monetize their Ribbit-enabled applications. As featured in our recently launched developer showcase, developer apps ranging from voice widgets to virtual phones and full on web applications will be made available to Amphibian/Ribbit users.

The process of developers sharing apps with each other is only a precursor to the much more serious process of having an app certified and made available to real users. It has been a main focus for my team to orchestrate this process so it is as seamless for the user as it is for the developer actually authoring an application.

Now that this news it finally official, I am looking forward to sharing more details in the weeks to come — especially during my session at 360|Flex in Atlanta.

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Also, check us out at DEMO tomorrow morning for a live presentation of Amphibian.