Listen and enjoy my RIA Weekly Interview about Ribbit

I recently joined RedMonk’s Michael Cote and Adobe’s Ryan Stewart in their RIA Weekly studios for a chat about Ribbit and the future of voice in the RIA space. The two of them were fun to talk with and their conversational chemistry hints at influences ranging from Letterman/Schaefer to Opie/Anthony.

My favorite moment was this line for Cote: “The shear idea of getting an mp3 of my voicemail is years ahead of the rotary dial technology I’ve come to expect from a phone company…. anything that will let me treat voice as easily as I treat text in my online life would be great.”

It was a fun interview and I look forward to hanging with Cote and Ryan again in their posh studio. You can listen to the podcast here or read a summary of the interview in Cote’s blog post.

Other Ribbit news

Just last night we finally rolled out Beta2 of our Flex component. Check out this blog entry for a full summary of new features and announcements.

Also, 360|Flex has announced a new API contest which will feature a best Ribbit API app category. More details to come and I’m very excited to part of this new event that I’m sure will become a signature part of the greatest Flex conference in the world.