PaperVision3D meets Ribbit

I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun coding than putting together this little app, which features PaperVision3D effects combined with phone calling by way of the Ribbit API component. There is a lot more I want to do with this app; mainly adding messaging and contacts features. The easiest part was integrating the Ribbit functionality. The more challenging part was attaching the two MovieClips, with included components, as InteractiveMovieMaterial against the two ppv3d Planes.

You will need a Ribbit Developer account to login, but once you are in, you can call anyone (with a U.S. number). My app is now listed inside my Ribbit Developer profile as well as on the Developer site showcase! Once logged in, you can browse the other shared apps!

A little more work and I should be able to take these two interfaces and apply them to a ppv3d Cube, which was my original vision. It’s a bit complicated to have more than one, functional InteractiveMovieMaterial on the cube, since only the MaterialList ‘all’ seems to be rendered properly.

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