360 Flexlanta!, where Flex calls home

It doesn’t matter what Flex books you have on your shelf (or open and stacked on your desk). It doesn’t matter how many times you visit onflex.org everyday, or how many photos of the Baker-Hamilton building you have on your wall. It doesn’t matter how many bottles of wine you drank, by yourself, to toast the release of an AS3 Yahoo! maps API earlier this week.

If you were to cut each and every conference logo or badge open with a Fireworks slice tool, none would bleed Flex more that 360|Flex.

I’m attending my 3rd straight (well, the first one I only attended in spirit) 360|Flex conference on Feb. 25 in Atlanta. I’m presenting Ribbit and for the first time, the exciting profitability ecosystem we are launching for developers in the form of our Amphibian store. I’ll explain how developers (YOU) can rapidly build a Ribbit Flex app or widget, sell it and continue to make money from it. I’ll share with you the details on the growth of our developer community and how Ribbit finally means business for you.

Join me and a number of kick ass Flex developers worthy of your audience. I guarantee you will walk away a better, more educated and informed developer than you are today. For $480, you can’t beat the Flex experience. Roundtrip flights all the way from the Northeast and even the Pacific are still as low as $300 — that’s like a few hours in Flex contract money for most of you, anyway…

Sign up today and I will see you there. 

And if you’d like a shot at a Wii, PS3 or xBox 360, enter the API contest now.